Edith Niederfriniger

Former professional triathlete, 2 x Ironman champion with a personal best of 8:59.45,  european and vice-world champion long distance triathlon.  

After 16 years of professional racing, Edith has gone on to become a highly qualified and experienced coach.

2009 she founded Pro Train triathlon coaching and since then she is the head coach of the Meran, Italy, based Pro Train squad.

Edith speaks german, italian and english.  

QualificationsPhysical education and sports studies
                                  Physical sciences
                                  Fitri - italian triathlon federation coaching certified

Jana Perrone

I knew from an early age that sport plays an important role in my life. 

In addition to completing my sports studies and specialising in the field of sports nutrition, I raced various triathlon events from short to long distances as a passionate endurance athlete. 

I have been working as a coach in the field of endurance sports since 2015 and attach great importance to quality through individualized training and nutritional advice. 

I am honored to be supporting the Pro Train Team across the Italian border together with Edith, my own coach and mentor.

Inspire & believe & eat :-)

Jana speaks german, portuguese and english

QualificationsSports studies 
                                  Specialization in sports nutrition

Tanja Starl

Sport has always played a very dominant role in my life. It all started with alpine skiing in my youth, than tennis and during my study period I became passionate for endurance sports - first running and then triathlon.

Since 2011 I have my own company "Gesundheitsmanufaktur Starl Est." for coaching, personal training, group fitness and nutrition in Liechtenstein.

I am coaching people of all levels since more then 10 years and now I am very thankful and proud to join forces with Edith, who is my own coach since 2015, and Jana at Pro Train!

Tanja speaks german and english.

Qualifications: Master in Healthmanagement
                                 Spezialisation in Athletic and Fitness