Hannes adventure: The Gran Guanche Bike Race!

Last sunday Hannes Dorfmeier started his season with a great adventure:

The Gran Guanche Bike Race with 600km  and 14000+, 4 ferry connections and all self-supported!

On the first two islands, Hannes used his fresh legs to stay on schedule for the ferry transfers. On the third island, Gran Canaria, he cycled 115km with 3100+ through the night and arrived in the harbour at sunrise to take another ferry to tackle the longest stage: Tenerife 145km with almost 4000+ of climbing. 

Despite lack of sleep, tiredness and pain, he rode until early monday evening reach the harbour of Tenerife, but unfortunately missed the last ferry by only 3 minutes!

A decision had been made for the last island: there needed to be a break before continuing for another 100km with over 3000+ of climbing to reach the finish.

After 33 hours and 33 minutes, Hannes crossed the long awaited finish line! His race was characterised by an immense mental strength, bite and toughness.

Congratulation on this amazing result, in all senses!

Proud coach Jana Perrone